For many companies, the role of the contact centre has changed and taken on a more strategic, influential role in shaping the success of the business. While the need for reducing costs, and increasing efficiencies and productivity will always be there, other company objectives linked to customer experience, competitive differentiation and departmental alignment have demanded a revised, broader approach to managing and developing solutions.

With this in mind, INOVO has set up four distinct business units to cater for various requirements, and to help businesses meet their objectives.

  1. INOVO Engage (Contact Centre Optimisation)
    From outbound sales to customer service and debt collection, the contact centre plays a crucial role in operations and fulfilling broader strategic company objectives. Key optimisation areas include: omni-channel (voice, SMS, chat, social media), intelligent routing, self-service (phone, mobile, web), customer feedback, reporting and analytics, quality and performance management, e-learning, workforce optimization, gamification, inbound, smarter outbound dialing, lead management and automation, scripting and templating, workflow optimisation, interaction recording, and Business Intelligence.
  2. INOVO Ignite (Product Development)
    Depending on business requirements, there may be a need for creating new products and solutions for clients. As INOVO’s development hub, work could include building apps, customising solutions or creating innovative new products to conquer unique business challenges.
  3. Skyforce (Automation)
    By automating and optimising processes within and across departments, we provide a flexible and scalable way for companies to rapidly grow and improve. From marketing to operations, IT and finance, Skyforce leverages AI and automation technologies to help companies continue to achieve their operational and strategic objectives. Visit for more information.

Other key services

Beyond our core solutions, our team assists in the provision of a number of other key services – all of which contribute to and drive contact centre and business improvements.

  1. Project-based consulting: in addition to the day-to-day consulting and advice we offer our contracted clients, we can also focus on a project/set of projects in a specific area (e.g. workforce optimization, BI) to drive improvements.
  2. Implementation and integration
  3. Comprehensive support
  4. Contact centre staff systems training

Delivery and commercial models

 We provide flexible commercial models (rentals, outright purchase etc.) to satisfy every budgetary requirement.

We offer solutions in two technical delivery models – hosted and on-site. While both options offer numerous benefits, the suitability and choice of delivery very much depends on your specific needs.

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