Improve the way your business and contact centre operates, while maximising flexibility and agility.
INOVO has partnered with AgilePoint, a leader in Digital Process Automation, to make it easy for contact centres to connect their data and existing systems to each other, while also being able to quickly incorporate new technology or channels as the need arises.
With 70+ prebuilt connectors to popular business applications like Office 365, SharePoint, SAP, Microsoft SQL Server and more, any workflow or process across applications, departments and systems can be automated, measured and optimised.
This offers a business unlimited potential to improve absolutely any workflow or process, resulting in a better customer experience, reduced costs, and improvements in efficiency and productivity.


Don’t replace, quickly integrate

Do more with the technology you already have. Shelve time-consuming and expensive integration projects and focus on rapidly improving the way your existing systems and processes work together.

Create a culture of agility

Remove technical barriers to create a collaborative environment where processes are visual and transparent, allowing business and IT to work faster and better together.

Fast-track innovation

Maximise agility and scalability with pre-built integration to popular business applications and processes that can be instantly customised and re-used. Complex processes can also be standardised and streamlined in minutes with low/no-code drag-and-drop techniques.

Rapidly build end-to-end business applications

We provide you with the building blocks to quickly create tailored business applications that include advanced workflow automation. Use out-of-the-box front-ends to automatically collect information from users, manage assigned work activities and more.

Improve the visibility of business activities

Gain new insight to help you identify bottlenecks, handle escalations and drive SLAs all in real-time.


A lack of visibility into complex business processes

Most business processes run across multiple departments and often require manual input. This makes it hard to see where they break or what is causing a delay.

Effective self-service channels often require extensive integration

In order to offer the most value to customers, self-service solutions need to use customer and business-specific data to personalise responses, and this requires access to multiple data sources and integration into multiple business systems.

A lack of alignment between business and IT

Laborious workshops and collaboration between IT and business users are often required to realise large digitisation projects and automate complex workflows. This is difficult to get right and can be very time-consuming.

Most applications are designed to work independently

Many applications can’t communicate with others and even less do it well. Integration is often required to efficiently orchestrate the exchange of information or the handover of tasks.

Key features

Access a vast array of pre-built contact centre and general business connectors as well as simple methods to add and manage new integrations.


A low/no-code visual workflow environment makes it easy and simple for business users to create and manage business processes on the fly. Complex workflows involving systems and humans can be coordinated easily with high levels of transparency and visibility. This makes it quick to scale, refine and streamline any workflow across the entire customer journey or a specific business process.

Easily augment business data (such as successful sales, information from customer satisfaction surveys or service usage) with speech analytics to create insight and drive action. This could include script adjustments, agent behavioural training, agent/customer matching and much more.

  • Easy to use graphic web-based design environment: low to no-code drag-and-drop-and-configure approach
  • The design environment enables the mapping and visualisation of processes end-to-end for improved communication and collaboration
  • Over 250 out-of-the-box logical components for use in workflows
  • Pre-configured analytics and reporting
  • Business users are empowered to own their own processes and rapidly build new functionality within the security and technical framework provided by IT
  • Over 70 pre-built integrations
    – Restful APIs
    – Simplified and pre-built
  • Various deployment options that includes HA and load balancing or this can be fully managed by INOVO
  • Highly scalable architecture to accommodate any size business
  • Integration into 3rd party authentication systems
  • Easy to manage access control and user profiles
  • Enterprise security
  • Enable business users to develop their own processes within a secure and controlled environment