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Contact centre CX specialists INOVO has joined the Customer Experience Africa Summit for 2018 as silver co-sponsors with Enghouse Interactive for the second time. This prestigious industry event sees industry leaders and practitioners in Customer Experience coming together to discuss and reveal best-practice strategies for CX.

The company has joined forces with technology partner Enghouse Interactive to deliver a workshop that focuses on the business value offered by optimizing CX in the contact centre environment. CX is a key differentiator and significant consideration in contemporary business. From leveraging technology to gain a more efficient and valuable ROI, to examining data to produce the kinds of insights that bring CX strategies to life, the workshop at the Summit tackles the role of CX from a contact centre perspective, with a view to achieving real business results.

INOVO CEO, Wynand Smit, explains:

“As the beating heart of your customer service department, the contact centre is critical in shaping the overall customer experience. Every touch point could be a potential pain point, which is why streamlining operations and reducing customer effort should be key aspects of your CX strategy. There are multiple opportunities for CX enhancements in the day-to-day operations of your contact centre and business. From optimising workflow and processes, to increasing employee productivity and efficiency, transforming your contact centre into a hub of Customer Experience excellence should be a key objective for every customer-focused business”

José Luis Castaños, EVP Business Development of Enghouse Interactive concurs:

“CX is an essential consideration in business for Customer Experience managers, contact centre or operations managers and marketing managers, since it transforms how you’re doing business and how you interact with customers. It’s an exciting, evolving discipline that’s both a challenge and an opportunity; across the continent, your competitors are all engaging with CX-enhancement strategies, so you can’t afford not to do the same.”

Visit contact centre specialists INOVO and Enghouse Interactive at their stand at the CEM Africa Summit on 1-2 August 2018 at the CTICC in Cape Town to learn more.

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