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Gerrit de Villiers BPA

By Gerrit de Villiers

Digital transformation is all the rave within the industry today, yet its become even more challenging to determine a starting point given the rapidly changing world we live in. The real challenge behind this and which contact centres face is reconciling various processes and workflows across multiple business applications, departments and systems. Many supporting back-office processes and workflows, for example, are manual, not measured, and lack visibility. This creates a weak link in the chain that can have a detrimental effect on the business – whether it is a promise to a customer that was not kept or an operational inefficiency that bleeds money.

And as businesses innovate and add more channels, systems and applications, this becomes even harder to manage. Embarking on high-involvement integration projects to streamline workflows as technology is added is not a viable long-term option either.

So how do you ensure that the path towards business automation is relevant in 3 months time? This is where we can help.

Simple workflow and process automation for contact centres

Since contact centre optimisation is at the heart of what we do, in 2019 we decided to partner with AgilePoint, a market leader in Digital Process Automation* to help contact centres deal with this challenge. This flexible, low/no-code technology platform enables INOVO to automate contact centre-related workflows faster and connect various popular applications and systems easily without the need for expensive and time-consuming integration projects.

Businesses are now able to:

  1. Automate existing processes quickly using an intuitive visual workflow designer.
  2. Rapidly adapt to changing market and business requirements. Uncertainty directly impacts digitisation efforts, and in these times, agility has become a tangible competitive advantage.
  3. Enjoy the benefits of full contact centre integration.
    • Any workflow initiated by a customer or contact centre agent is managed and governed within a pre-defined process flow (with SLAs) – no promises will be broken, and corrective action is now pro-active.
    • Important business processes are connected to the contact centre. This provides a seamless experience to customers, irrespective of the number of role players involved.
  4. Easily integrate and access information from multiple sources and applications. Have a new channel to incorporate into your contact centre, data to import from an application, or legacy customer information lying in a database? All your information becomes accessible and usable within a process thanks to INOVO and Agilepoint’s integration management.

If this sounds like something that could benefit your business and you’d like to learn more, come chat to us!

*The Forrester Wave “Digital Process Automation for Wide Deployments” (Q1 2019)