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All employees must understand what customer experience is, and their role in delivering it, says says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO.

Customer experience, or CX, is an essential ingredient to any successful business – 97% of companies polled by Forrester* believe and say they discuss the importance of CX with employees – yet this relatively new consideration finds a space in different departments, according to different companies.

For some, it’s viewed as part of the marketing strategy; for others, it’s left to operations or the IT department to address. Still others believe senior executives must take on the CX responsibility. Some companies forget to link CX to the very place it’s most important – the customer service department, says Wynand Smit, CEO of INOVO, a leading contact centre business solutions provider.

The most effective companies practising CX state it must live and breathe across the organisation, and that all employees must understand what it is and their role in delivering it. It’s not merely a result; it must be part vision, part culture of the company to achieve its goals.

To take a step back from that, it’s important to state that incorporating CX as a goal does not translate to immediate success; it can take many months to establish the vision, goals and culture that lead to improved CX. A summary of this journey would be: shared vision that creates, reinforces and shares the CX intention, then the rolling out of job-specific behaviours that translate the vision into specific activities that employees understand will lead to enhanced CX. Following that, performance must be evaluated to ensure consistent customer-centric behaviour is taking place, and then, finally, actual customer experience and employee outcomes must also be tracked, using measurements such as customer and employee retention, for example. Business results linked to CX are the proof that the programme is working.

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