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High season is relied on by many businesses to counteract quieter months and to build cash reserves for the year ahead. In addition, the opportunity exists to build on excellent brand reputation. If done well, it’s a win-win commercial period. This surge in business can bring with it challenges, too, such as ensuring that businesses have the capacity to cope with an influx of enquiries and sales.

Hotel groups and airline companies must provide the space for excellent customer experience and customer service as part of their business offering and brand management, and this is especially true in busy periods.

At the forefront of companies such as these are their contact centres, the environment within which sales are made and/or customer service takes place, depending on the nature of the company. For travellers, everything is viewed as urgent, and time, even more so than usual is at a premium, so timeous attention to queries and interaction must take place.Planning is necessary to tackle the challenge of increased traffic.

Achieving optimal service levels

The primary areas of concern are sufficient staffing levels and technical solutions that prevent systems from lagging when there’s a surge in business.

Strategies can be deployed to accommodate both of these challenges. Tools are available for workforce management that uses algorithms and analytics to predict what requirements will be, based on historical information, so staffing requirements can be established and the demands met. Companies can then have enough of the right agents available at the right time to maintain optimal service levels within the contact centre.

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