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Image (CC) - RaHuL Rodriguez, " Atención al cliente - Customer Service" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – RaHuL Rodriguez, ” Atención al cliente – Customer Service” (Flickr)

There’s an undeniable shift to digital within the customer service environment, but companies implementing new strategies while neglecting existing customers’ preferences do so at their own peril, writes Wynand Smit, CEO at INOVO.

The biggest growth market among customers is millennials aged between 18 and 34, and this is immediately apparent when consumer preferences on the whole are analysed. A recent study conducted by US-based firm Startek uncovered that 80% of those polled preferred to use digital devices when contacting customer service departments within companies. They said that using devices made it faster and easier to contact companies via social media channels, email or chat options.

Those aged between 45-69, the baby boomers, preferred to use the phone (voice option) as a means of contacting companies.

This disparity would indicate that the growing market must take precedence over the aging demographic, and that contact centres should focus primarily on introducing technology that enhances efficiency and productivity. While this is certainly true, it should be tempered with a broader overview that acknowledges that the older market segment are peak earners, so to exclude them from being able to interact functionally with a company could jeopardise a significant market share.

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