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Andrew Sutherland, Flickr (CC license)

Data acquired in a contact centre environment can provide the insights you need to discover your customers’ preferences. This can then be used to drive a more personalised and positive experience for these customers.

Improved Customer Experience (CX) is top of mind for companies, with 90% saying that they know it’s essential. However, too few are converting that awareness into an active strategy. Fewer than 10% have a programme set up to improve CX, even though it’s possible to create one and see improvements within 12 months. If achieved, valued customers and audiences will know that engagement has been improved, which contributes towards the goal of enhanced customer loyalty.

The path to improving CX begins with an understanding of the customer journey. This journey has evolved in recent years from being largely a voice-driven interaction over the phone to interactions over multiple channels. The average company actively uses up to nine channels (voice, text, email, social media and chat being among the most common) in response to a major shift to digital options available. Customer preferences and expectations drive how your business should present what’s on offer, be it service or sales. Being able to interact with your company directly from their mobile device gives customers the expectation that their needs will be met, often instantly.

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