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Back office hacks in contact centres

Thomas Heylen, Creative Commons Licence

Communication, time and resolution work in relationship with one another and can all be improved. If they’re made more efficient, the customer service machine will be faster and smoother, ensuring that what needs to get done does, and that customers experience great service, boosting loyalty and more business.

The back office is highly instrumental in providing support to customers, but this can only work in concert with the front office or contact centre.

1. Back office workflow efficiency

Although many customers engage with the front office, or contact centre, much of the actual work has to be done in the back office. An example would be change of bank details: the agent might log the request, but somebody in the back office with the relevant rights and access may have to do the actual work. So if either of those two people drop the ball, then service levels are less-than optimal.

In the sales environment, if there’s a process such as quality assurance, verification or something else that involves the back office, it can affect the time-to-money ratio, or cost of sales.

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