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Wynand Smit

Wynand Smit, INOVO CEO

Knowing that Customer Experience (CX) is important is not the same as actively examining processes and improving the efficiency that leads to an improved CX. According to research conducted by Forrester Consulting, despite the majority of companies being aware that CX is an important element to their businesses, only 17.8% were engaging in rolling out CX programmes.

As customer’s expectations increase, the need to tap into CX improvement to differentiate a company over the other becomes even more apparent. In a customer service or sales environment, the infrastructure and supporting processes in the contact centre in particular can make all the difference.

Contact centres rely on either vendors or partners for their technology, and, where improvements are concerned, partnerships provide a more seamless business solution across people, technology, and supporting processes. Partnerships can co-create strategy, drive innovation and scale execution. This is the best foundation around which adaptation can be incorporated – data insights can be turned into measurable action and skills can work in harmony across departments.

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