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Business-wide strategies are complex – each department operates with structured KPIs that may include boosting profitability, customer feedback ratings, or a host of other criteria – the trick is to ensure that all these departments operate in concert with each other so that differing objectives can be achieved without hindering the overall success of your company.

In the case of customer service, it is entirely possible to achieve this goal, even with seemingly disparate desired outcomes.

Identifying objectives

First of all, you need a strategy that clearly defines what your objectives are, for example:

• Boost the bottom line
• Increase efficiency and productivity
• Achieve a culture of favourable customer experience

Operationally, this comes down to a number of variables that have to be addressed, and, in most cases, technology (software, systems and solutions) is the enabler that allows this to take place. It’s entirely possible to optimise processes that have an impact on productivity (therefore, technically contributing to the bottom line), but if the rush to tick boxes (such as the quantity of calls made or reducing the time spent on a call, for example) compromises CX, you’re operating with flawed metrics.

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