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Rog01, Flickr (CC license)

Efficiency can be designed, built and enhanced; it’s the goal of any IT department to optimise efficiency and boost productivity, and, increasingly, customers have come to expect that, too.

Over 80% of them, in fact.

This may be a tantalising figure to the IT department, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is that even though these designs may improve the customer experience, and customers are shifting to mobile platforms, the inherent need to deal with human beings remains high – 82% of customers want to deal with an actual human, not C3PO – particularly when the query is a more complex one.

Combining the need for slick and efficient processes with well-oiled human interactions isn’t easy, but, when done well, boosts productivity and profitability within the contact centre environment.

Over the past year, according to Verint Systems, the desire for personalised service from companies has shot up by over 52%. That’s not to say customers preferred anonymous interaction previously, rather the shift in the business environment towards enhancing the customer experience has raised from “desirable” to “essential”.

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