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Image (CC) - 401(K) 2012, "Save Money" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – 401(K) 2012, “Save Money” (Flickr)

The question of cost-efficiency is critical to any company with a contact centre, whether it’s a sales-based operation, customer service centre or a debt-collection facility. The question is not purely about profitability, however, it also relates to customer loyalty and retention.

It’s important to remember that a contact centre is just one aspect of the customer journey that may be improved to enhance the overall customer experience.

A good place to start is to figure out the cost of a call per minute in a contact centre. This can be calculated by working out time spent talking to customers divided by the total cost of the contact centre environment, including salaries, the floor costs and other infrastructural requirements. In this example let’s peg the cost at R10 per minute. Once a cost per minute is estimated or determined, this can be used to benchmark and measure the efficiency of your workforce and processes and its subsequent impact on the overall profitability of your contact centre.

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