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Fostering a culture of continuous learning is essential in today’s business environment, but companies find this principle difficult to implement. Fortunately, recent business developments are making ongoing training and team development a reality. Today’s workforce can access information, training and more using new learning tools such as an interactive knowledge base, and this feeds directly into a younger workforce’s expectations for on-the-job skills development.

A hunger for development

A recent Deloitte study found that millennial employees expect to be trained on the job, and yet their experience is that employers tend to prioritise the bottom line above workers, affecting employee motivation and loyalty. More than that, however, they feel ill-equipped to handle Industry 4.0, but want to succeed in this challenging environment. With this in mind, they’re actively seeking out employment at companies that will help them develop the necessary skills to cope as business evolves and their desire for meaningful work becomes a more pertinent personal driver.

Younger workers need positive reasons to stay with your company; they need to be offered the realistic prospect that by staying loyal they will, in the long run, be professionally better off — and as individuals, develop faster and more fully than if they left. Currently, less than 36% of millennials and 29% of Gen Z currently in the workplace believe they are fully prepared and have all the skills and knowledge they currently need. This is a troubling statistic considering the potentially disruptive impact that Industry 4.0 could have in shaping future work environments.

This means that pro-active employee training and ongoing skills development must become an active objective within your company. Your young workforce demands it, and your customers expect it. In a customer service environment such as a contact centre, this could mean the difference between, for example, a widespread backlash on social media to a poorly managed response compared to a great customer experience that elevates your business above all others.

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