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01With new or greater demands, the business offering and its supporting processes must be developed to retain and attract more customers. This has become particularly apparent in the shift to digital, especially within the environment of customer service through contact centres.

There are different elements to improving the customer service offering. The technology, systems and processes incorporated into the business solution must enhance the workflow, aiding in boosting efficiency and productivity and this in turn must also have a positive impact on customer experience. Tech solutions are only one part of this and must complement all other elements in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

In business, tech is no longer solely the province of an IT department working in isolation, but is an integral part of everything the business does. IT enthusiasts may seek ways to incorporate the latest apps, software and hardware, but if these work contrary to existing tech or they are not implemented with customer experience in mind, it is possible that the entire workflow can grind to a virtual halt.

All generations must be considered

Customer IT preferences do drive change; a recent study found that 80% of consumers are using digital devices to contact customer service. With this shift to digital, these social-media savvy millennials are becoming more demanding; they say it is faster and easier to contact companies via social media, email or chat.

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