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Wynand Smit - INOVO

Wynand Smit – INOVO CEO

Recruitment is an expensive necessity for any growing business, made even more costly when newly-skilled team members only stick around for short periods of time.

Twenty-somethings are notoriously hard to retain as employees. They can become disengaged and disaffected, waiting for their next performance bonus so that they can quit and do something – anything – else. It takes engaged management to ensure that skills (and personal) development takes place.

The “you can be anything you want to” generation gets bored fast, especially when they end up working long hours in a repetitive environment without affirmation. Even graduates with extensive academic training may not be up-to-speed with training when it comes to the rate that tech advancements are made, resulting in them feeling inadequate and frustrated at not being able to perform.

Angry or bored team members who come into contact with customers can damage the reputation of a brand.

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