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Image (CC) - Do8y, "What's in my bag January 1, 2013 no Timbuk2 :(" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – Do8y, “What’s in my bag January 1, 2013 no Timbuk2 :(” (Flickr)

Parents know what it’s like to lose track of their kids when it comes to communication. Children grow into a space influenced by the voices, technology and experiences around them; the only way to keep up with them is to keep listening and investigating what interests them. This principle applies to business, too. Businesses need to update their methods of communication when it comes to speaking to customers or risk losing them to a generational divide.

Know your audience

Different generations respond differently to media and other stimuli. Unlocking these communication channels aids businesses in ensuring the correct message is shared and in the correct media. Baby Boomers prefer to use the phone to speak to an individual, but Generation Y, (the Millennials) would rather communicate with your business via social media.

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