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Image (CC) -, "Games Controller" (Flickr)

Image (CC) –, “Games Controller” (Flickr)

Increasingly, sales forces are made up of a generation of individuals who have grown up playing games – whether on their cellphones, a gaming console or on Facebook. Thus, by applying the gaming principles of reward, competition, social recognition, mastery and immediate feedback (termed ‘gamification’), companies can use familiar and effective strategies driven by technology to motivate, engage and retain this ever-expanding group of workers, Generation Y.

In contact centre sales you are only as great as the next deal you close. It can be a relentless and unforgiving job so keeping motivation high, results flowing and retaining quality people can seem like an almost impossible task. This method of engaging employees has been particularly successful in contact centre environments where employee morale is typically very low and, as the face of the business, agents have a direct impact on the customer experience.

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