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Pokemon GOSOME older people are bemused watching the Pokémon Go mania. The game has disrupted the activities of younger people, getting them out of their homes and into the streets in search of the game’s characters.

While the augmented reality technology used in the game is amazing, it’s equally fascinating to see the behavioural response. This should lead to an examination of how best to apply this kind of thinking to the workplace to activate a younger workforce.

According to PwC, millennials will make up more than 50% of the workforce by 2020, so the teens and others with their faces hovering over their mobile devices will be employees and managers. What will be the game changer in the work environment is how that workforce is motivated and managed.

A step in the right direction in speaking to a generation that has grown up with console gaming is to introduce a game-styled environment into the workplace. Gamification, applying gaming practices to a nongaming environment, has several benefits.

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