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Image (CC) - Kris Krüg, "Beyond Generation Hack" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – Kris Krüg, “Beyond: Generation Hack” (Flickr)

Twenty-somethings are notoriously hard to retain as employees. They can become disengaged and disaffected, waiting for their next performance bonus so that they can quit and do something – anything – else. The workplace challenge is for managers to retain skilled teams and provide the opportunity for professional development. One effective way to do this is to speak to them in their own language.

The message they carry with them is one that can sabotage their own success story. They’ve been told “you can be anything you want to”, and while a few make it through the minefield of business startups, others find themselves in regular office positions, working long hours in a repetitive environment with no affirmation. Even highly-qualified graduates find themselves being disciplined for not fulfilling mundane tasks simply because business tech has developed at such a pace that they’ve fallen behind.

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