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Personalised service

Personalised service enhances the customer experience

Verint Systems has noted in its 2016 research an increase of 52% in customers preferring customised service. This year, eight out of ten customers prefer it when service is personalised to them. It is apparent that market preferences are developing at a rapid rate and companies need to develop in time with their consumers.

Effective communication – best of both worlds

When weighing up communication channels and tools, companies that target multiple segments might find it difficult to choose how to ‘speak’ to their markets; do they target the massive, growing digital market or reach the older audience that prefers the human connection? The answer is both.

It is not always possible to define a generation as a marketing segment, but the eight out of ten reflects quite reasonably the division between the younger and older market segments – 80% of the market is a significant chunk but the remaining 20% are consumer heavyweights with more to spend.

Verint’s research also uncovered some interesting customer preferences – the 20% who prefer the human touch, when interacting with companies, are more loyal, while those who prefer digital channels are more prone to shifting their business to other companies.

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