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Image – Joe The Goat Farmer, Flickr (CC license)

Every year, online retailers market their Mother’s Day promotions, but many continue to do so with what appears to be little regard for what their customers want or need, and some even fail to meet expectations by not delivering goods on time. The question should be asked, how can e-commerce businesses provide the kind of service their customers expect during marketing campaigns? The key to unlocking this success lies primarily in data.

Online businesses have access to immense quantities of data provided by their customers; the insights provided by this data can lead to far better targeting when it comes to campaigns. Not only can they narrow down their market’s interest to specific products, they can then showcase those products and related special offers.

Remarkably, retailers appear to lag behind when it comes to these special offers, by limiting their product offerings to outmoded preferences. In a fast-evolving marketplace that has shifted to digital, they’re offering the equivalent of bath salts (to Capetonians!) and body lotion to people as ideal gifts, when the gift recipient is more likely to want something that appeals to their online habits, such as a Netflix subscription or a device enhancement product. Consumers browsing and purchasing habits can reveal this, allowing for more accurate, targeted campaigns.

Reducing customer effort via feedback

According to a 2018 CCW Market Study on Performance and Metrics, over 77% of organisations are making customer feedback surveys their top priority, confirming that reducing customer effort is the number one customer experience objective. Feedback provides an understanding of how customers feel about their experiences.

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