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Thinus Janse van Rensburg, INOVO MD

In business, a common occurrence is that owners realise there is a crisis once the situation becomes critical. What makes this surprising is that they have reports, graphs and statistics before them every day but fail to see the signs that there are potential (or real) problem areas.

Not everyone is an expert at reading graphs, but it is possible to dig deeper into the metrics and variables to get a closer look. A dip may be the clue that reveals how badly a business is haemorrhaging profits or customers, and an expert will know how to tweak the reporting functions to better display the ups and downs on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

In a customer service environment the variables can be intriguing. There are different kinds of contact centres: debt collection, sales and customer service all have different requirements in terms of monitoring what is going on between agents, customers and managers. In a sales environment a business owner may notice that for a period of three months the company has been making less than before. How can that business owner find out what has been happening to prompt a decline?

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