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INOVO CEO, Wynand Smit

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” – Steve Jobs

Channel integration and consolidation is a concept that requires examining all the silos in isolation as well as how they’ll work together. Your customer may not need to see the entire pizza to enjoy one slice, but the flavour of the entire pizza must work well as a whole for one slice to be palatable. Breaking down Customer Experience success should involve five aspects, or slices.

Simplified, cohesive engagement

CX, between the front and back office, has so many layers, touch points and potential pain points that it can be difficult to manage. Your customer may feel intimidated by too many touch points. Reducing the steps that it takes for a successful interaction to happen, whether that’s in sales or customer service, can only enhance the customer experience.

For a start, you should be aiming at a streamlined, simplified channel environment, not a complex one that has so many channels that your customer becomes confused by the range of choices and none of the channels are interconnected. They’ll wonder why voice interactions don’t offer the same levels of service as email interactions or chat, for example. This can result in multiple contacts being necessary, and more room for the customer to feel let down, since it may mean interacting with different departments on independently managed channels. It’s a confusing communication loop, for both the customer and the business. This could be a point of frustration for the customer, and the loss of data could inevitably hold the business back too.

Where’d our data go?

If you’re not storing your data for use in a centralised place, you can be guaranteed that you are leaking important information. Channelling data into one place means that you can access it for process and customer analytics, providing enhanced insights that will help you optimise processes, build advanced customer profiles, run more successful marketing campaigns, and boost operational efficiency.

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