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David Dennis, Flickr (CC license)

Despite 80 percent of companies recognising that Customer Experience should be prioritised, few are tackling the challenge, especially when it comes to integrating channels. A multi-channel approach is a manageable one that thrives on the same principles of seamlessness and efficiency, delivering omni-channel excellence as a company evolves its communications strategy. There’s a tangible link between connecting channels and enhanced Customer Experience.

According to the 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, disparate channel management is a threat to CX strategies: 58 percent of companies polled said channels are managed in silos, 36 percent are inconsistent in their approach to channel configuration and 44 percent state that connecting channels is “just too difficult”.

It’s essential that your company takes a broad look at how you’re conducting business with customers, examining how you reach them and how they reach you, and how to optimise those points of contact in ways that form building blocks of customer relationships and business intelligence. Central to those goals is centralising the channels of communication.

What that means is that despite different departments having different kinds of interactions with information, databases and customers via an array of channel options, having everything centralised allows for faster resolution of interactions and fewer chances that information is not updated or incorrectly routed.

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