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Image (CC) - Daniel Gasienica, "Voice" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – Daniel Gasienica, “Voice” (Flickr)

“I’ve finally learned to love my voice for its uniqueness.” – Juliana Hatfield, US musician.

Musicians and actors will often talk about the great lengths to which they go to discover their unique voice. This is essential in entertainment. What is not commonly spoken about is that each of us has their own “voiceprint”. Each person’s voice is as distinct from another person’s as their fingerprints are. Technology has harnessed voiceprints as a means of combating fraud, and this is increasingly becoming the authentication method of choice.

Online security has been making the news in recent days with the shocking news that customers at one of SA’s top banks had their private information compromised and accounts emptied. The challenge of sealing the gaps in security has become one many customers are demanding. Voice authentication is revolutionising fraud detection and prevention as well as cutting down on call times in contact centres.

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