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Contact centre technologyThe process of upgrading company technology must be aligned with company budgets, whether this is a rolling budgetary inclusion or a once-off purchase. Since new tech can come with unanticipated consequences, companies may find themselves out of pocket and having to redress this with even more expensive solutions.
Cheap solutions are tempting, but seldom do what’s required of them. A one-size-fits-all approach offered by the vendor of a product cannot take into account the many variables that exist from company to company, so there will be gaps left. These can result in decreased efficiency and productivity, and there may not be a standard fix available to plug the gaps.

A more flexible solution is to use a business partner.

Scenario planning helps to address the variables within the individual company and ensure that exorbitant expenses aren’t unexpectedly incurred. Since companies may not have the predictive or analytics insights for this scenario planning, a business analyst should be consulted to consider all technical and business eventualities.

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