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The entire customer journey, whether in sales or customer service, must be as seamless as possible and working with feedback from your customers is the best place to start.

‘Feedback’- in music, it is what you get if you are playing guitar in front of the amplifier with the volume turned up – pure noise – but in business, feedback is designed to remove noise and isolate clear messages about your company.

This year, 59% of companies polled by the International Customer Management Institute stated that their number one priority is to improve customer experience (CX). The different tools and means of obtaining feedback provide different levels of information.

A digital in-branch device can allow the customer to select options such as ‘great service’ or ‘most disappointed’ but this information is limited – it gives no insights into your customer or your company or even the exact incident or experience that led to the specific rating.

Since CX is about the quality of an interaction or a series of interactions, it is not simply a case of improving efficiencies and productivity to reach operational or service level targets. Rather, it is about ensuring that the engagement with each contact, for whatever reason, is conducted well, and to the level of expectation as determined by the customer. Well-trained, skilled and readily available staff also play a pivotal role in dictating service levels and customer satisfaction – a consideration that should never be ignored.

There are many touch points in interactions between customers and companies, so a better solution is to have a feedback tool that is linked to the customer journey across as many channels as necessary – voice, email, social media, chat and online.

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