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Jan Kühn, Head of Business Service at INOVO

When it comes to business process optimisation, there’s big hype around robotics and AI, but too often businesses are diving into those without closely examining two core aspects around this: do you have a use case for new tech implementations, and also, will the tech implementation be effective when working with your existing processes?

Your business must always be objective-driven, not swayed by technologies. For the purposes of illustration, let’s examine how this can be applied within the contact centre environment.

Shiny new technology

As much as a business will change, some things will also still stay the same. People will always buy services and products, owe you money, and they’ll always need some kind of service from you – just how you go about achieving them may change.

Introducing chatbots, automation or other forms of AI, for example, to your contact centre might sound like a great idea, but only if there is a clearly defined business case that proves its suitability and effectiveness in solving existing and future business challenges.

Bear in mind that you first need well-structured and clearly defined business processes linked to achieving the right business outcomes before you think about introducing any new technology.

Process optimisation before tech

If you’ve identified the need to integrate technologies or business systems, don’t focus on getting two systems to work together, it’s about mapping the process first. Once that’s done, deciding what technologies form part of that process will determine whether there is an actual need for new tech or not.

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