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Big Dat

Photo by NEC Corporation of America with Creative Commons license.

It’s every company’s responsibility to ensure that any customer data that is collected is used ethically and correctly, writes Wynand Smit.

Conversations, transactions, interactions and searches: these do not happen in a private vacuum. The choices you make are being used to predict the choices you may want to make, for companies using your interaction history data to build a profile on you.

This can be helpful or intrusive, depending on your circumstances or points of view as a customer.

People using the web to book flights or other travel services are unaware that all their actions are being monitored by the very sites they visit.

That is why you will find the flight you were searching for had gone up in cost when you went back a day later. That’s because travel websites use cookies to track your behaviour and, once it is known you want a specific flight or destination, the prices can automatically increase.

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