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Image (CC) - Michele M. F. ,"Tomy Chatbot" (Flickr)

Image (CC) – Michele M. F. ,”Tomy Chatbot” (Flickr)

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence (AI) in business is not just a goal, it is already active in many applications. It’s early days, though, as some companies are learning to their detriment. Others are getting it right, or at least not messing up as badly, but human interaction with AI will always be essential within the customer service environment.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that the social media’s Messenger platform will be used to assist programmers in creating “natural-language services” to communicate directly with people. The app is designed to help people communicate with businesses without having to voice-call.

According to CNBC, Mr Zuckerberg stated that although Facebook uses AI (in photo recognition, for example), the Messenger platform would provide a better understanding of human interaction. This will specifically be of benefit for customer to business communication – chatbots should aid in bypassing customer service contact centres to a large degree.

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