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benefits of chatbots

Роман Ряжских, Flickr (CC license)

Your company has a growing menu of channel options to choose from when it comes to interacting with your customers: voice, email, social media, online, in-store and chat.

Depending on what your core business needs are when it comes to customer-to-business interaction you’re likely trying to ensure that if the need for additional channels is there, you’ll provide it.

You’ll need to know what the benefits can be before doing this, to ensure that you’re keeping your communication strategy trim and efficient.

Chatbots are relatively new on the scene, and they’re one of two things: a trendy channel to have to show off how relevant you are or a practical means of communication that allows for efficiency and productivity, as well as slick customer experience.

Here are three benefits to chatbots worth considering when examining your channel options:

1. Personalisation

Chatbots, when operating out of data-driven insights, will allow you to streamline your communication according to your customers’ requirements. Since at this stage their functions are relatively rudimentary, they are primarily used to solve simple queries, but that is not to say that machine learning (AI) can’t play a role in providing more personalized responses and an enhanced customer experience.

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