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Dave McLear, Flickr (CC)

Dave McLear, Flickr (CC)

Business has always been built around the customer, and recent developments have caused a shift in how companies are dealing with their customers. They are forced to examine their business processes, with resulting benefits for companies and the added benefit of improved customer experience (CX) for customers.

The voice of the customer

Customers have more channels than ever to choose from when dealing with companies; chat, email, online platforms, and voice – to name but a few.

These channels are utilised differently for different purposes like sales, customer service, and debt collection, but they give the customer options according to their preferred means of contact.

With the advent of social media, and customers not hesitating to speak up when they’re dissatisfied, it’s imperative that companies work towards speedy resolution of problems.

Tearing down channel silos

This makes it necessary to tear down the different channel silos to ensure that agents can access as much customer intelligence and product information as possible. Multi-channel contact centres are becoming more adept at this, reducing the need for repeated contacts – a cost-saving benefit as agents are freed up for more contacts with other customers and potential customers.

More than just a voice, however, CX is the central element to business planning. Business solutions designed to sort out pain points are based on improving efficiency and productivity. This translates to customers having their customer service queries resolved faster and more accurately or being able to conclude queries within a single contact, removing the pain points of repeated calls, missing information and more.

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