Social media for contact centres
Provide immediate, personalised responses to your customers on social media, all from within the contact centre
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Social media for contact centres

Provide immediate, personalised responses to your customers on the social media channels they love and use every day…all from within the contact centre.

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Instead of using disparate teams and multiple accounts to manage your company’s social media presence, funnel all wall posts, tweets, DM’s, comments and other interactions into your contact centre to handle responses efficiently and cost-effectively. By consolidating, measuring and managing all social media interactions from a single contact centre platform, the solution provides all the features, visibility

and reporting needed to track and enhance customer engagement and agent performance.

Self-service options (such as a basic or more advanced NLP chatbot) can also be added to any social media channel, providing an additional line of support and source of information for customers.

How it works


  • Employ social media self-service options (such as a chatbot) to provide 24/7 customer support and field common customer queries to reduce the cost of service.
  • Use predefined text responses and templates for agents to interact with customers quickly and consistently to reduce handling time.
  • Use dashboards and advanced reporting to monitor the performance of your agents and the channel itself. This insight can then be used to identify optimisation and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Blend social media channels with other contact centre channels to manage the workload, resources and skill allocation of agents better.
  • Offer your customers immediate, convenient and frictionless access to your customer service or sales department through their favourite social media networks.
  • Use social media handles to identify a customer and provide personalised customer service.
  • Reduce customer frustration and provide the best possible experience by dynamically routing interactions straight to the correct departments/agents.

Having an inactive or sporadic social media presence without regular customer engagement dilutes consumer trust in your company. Respond to social media queries quickly and efficiently to build the social media proof needed to show your ability to deliver good service and CX.

Social media has become an increasingly important part of the sales funnel and buying cycle – driving awareness, consideration, intent, purchases and repurchases. The integrated social media platform provides the ability to monitor and manage all these interactions to improve and actively drive more sales.

Proactively manage and mitigate the potential risk of any brand damage caused by fake news or incidents of bad service going viral. Monitor and respond to time sensitive stories and opinions shared on social media to ensure that the necessary corrective action is swiftly taken and public perception is managed.

Dashboards and historical reporting provide the required tools to effectively manage and gain visibility into social media interactions and agent performance over multiple channels and campaigns.

Key features

Integrated contact centre channel

Queue all messages from Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Instagram into the contact centre, allowing all voice and digital channels to be measured and managed from the same application. Other contact centre functionality such as intelligent routing and blending with other channels can also be leveraged to increase productivity and improve SLAs.

Enabled for self-service and chatbots

Self-service solutions are seamlessly integrated into the social media platform and all social media channels. Self-service can take the form of simple menu structures to direct a customer to the appropriate information to more advanced NLP chatbots that can act as a first line of customer support.

Predefined responses, templates and spell check

Respond to customers faster and ensure the quality of your agents’ responses with a built-in spell check, as well as pre-defined responses and templates (dynamic and static) that can be published and managed by supervisors in real-time.

Handle multiple social interactions simultaneously

Enable agents to handle several social interactions at the same time to avoid wasting time (and money) waiting for replies from customers. This increases capacity while reducing the cost of service.

Real-time dashboards and reporting

Real-time dashboards and historical reporting on all social interactions and outcomes are available to provide a unified view of customer and agent activity. Agent productive vs non-productive time is measured across all channels and campaigns.

Prioritise high risk interactions

Prioritise and queue high risk social interactions straight to experienced agents to deal with it swiftly and correctly to minimise reputational damage and enhance CX.

Interaction filtering

Eliminate spam and non-useful interactions by applying business rules to filter out relevant social interactions for your agents to handle.

Emoji support

Emojis form an integral part of digital communication and is fully supported within the social media application.

Transfer conversations

If an agent can’t assist a customer with a specific query, the interaction can be assigned or transferred to another group or agent.

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