The instantaneous and widespread use of SMS make it a convenient channel to communicate with your customers.
From support and marketing to collections and payments, SMSes can be used in multiple ways to improve customer service, agent productivity and save costs. Our SMS solution enables businesses to leverage SMS messaging for customer communication and make this visible and accessible from within the contact centre.
We integrate SMS communication seamlessly into the contact centre in the following ways:
Automated notifications and pro-active communication
Build automated SMS communication into workflows to notify customers of updates (such as the progress of an application, a pending delivery or an outstanding payment/document).
Two-way conversations
In addition to providing detailed reporting and measurement, we also enable agents to converse with customers via SMS in the managed, context-driven environment of the contact centre.
Bulk messages
Configure and send bulk text messages to your customers as part of marketing campaigns, notifications, support communications etc.


Lower interaction cost

  • SMS queries can be routed to employees by skill set to ensure that requests are delivered to the correct agent or department. This reduces the number of messages that need to be sent, the time taken to resolve the query and ultimately the cost of service.
  • Send pro-active messages to customers to update them on the status of applications or act as reminders to take action. This can effectively prevent future costs by either eliminating the need to call the customer or vice versa.
  • Agents can be blended across channels and campaigns to leverage individual skills across multiple channels and ensure the best utilisation of human resources.

Personalise interactions to improve CX

  • Customers can be identified by the number used to send the SMS. This additional information can then be used to simplify and personalise the response to the customer’s query.
  • Retain customer interaction history to provide agents with the context needed to reduce typical customer frustrations (such as needing to repeat information).

Key features

Just like other contact centre channels, SMS messages are routed and queued to agents or agent groups through the same user interface. There is no need to switch between business applications, ensuring that the context is always retained, and less time is wasted when handling interactions. All metrics and reporting are consolidated, and supervisors have complete visibility and insight into the agent and customer behaviour on the channel.

All SMS messages are recorded and retrievable via a simple user interface for either compliance or QA purposes. When interacting with a customer, the agent can also view and access previous conversations and sent messages. This helps the agent retain context and service the customer more efficiently.

Be pro-active in your feedback to customers by automatically triggering SMS messages when certain conditions are met or steps in a process are complete.

Add SMS messages into your automated contact strategies to lower the cost of acquisition, cost of service or cost to collect.

Know when customers switch on their phone by monitoring SMS delivery receipts. Use this information to prioritise or automate call backs to improve contact rates.

Route SMS messages to the relevant department or agent automatically to reduce the interaction cost and improve the customer experience.

Send bulk messages to customers or prospects from within the intuitive interface.

How it works

To add SMS as a channel to our contact centre solution, simply provide us with your preferred SMS gateway credentials and we will configure it for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with our very competitive rates on SMS and we will help you save!