Inbound voice calls provide an immediate and personal way to interact with your customers, but it is also one of the most expensive points of contact.
As a result, contact centres have to find the right balance between providing the best possible customer experience and keeping the service costs down. Addressing common challenges such as poor schedule adherence, low agent productivity, and no visibility of operational activities are all critical in meeting these business objectives.
INOVO’s Inbound solution provides the real-time, historical and customisable reporting to help you gain insight into your contact centre operations and reach your business objectives. With enhanced personalisation and customer satisfaction, greater efficiency, and the improved utilisation of staff and resources, the solution doesn’t just benefit your customers, but the bottom line too.


Reduce operational costs

  • Proactively identify opportunities to improve efficiencies and save costs. Report on the reason and/or outcome of interactions to quantify the time, cost and effort to deal with each category or reason for being contacted.
  • Reduce hold times, the need for multiple transfers and the requirement for a switchboard operator. Deploy an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system to group employees by skill set and deliver calls to the destination best equipped to handle the interaction.
  • Blend agents across channels and campaigns to leverage skills and ensure the best utilisation of human resources.

Boost service levels and CX

  • Monitor and report on schedule adherence by requiring agents to submit “stop” reasons when going on breaks. Rules can also be set up to limit the number of breaks taken at certain times to maintain service levels during peak periods
  • Improve first call resolution (FCR) by routing customers to the agent most likely to resolve the query the most efficiently (based on skills, interaction history etc.)
  • Personalise service by identifying customers before, or when they engage with your contact centre. Use caller line identity (CLI) or ask customers to enter information at the beginning of the call to simplify IVR options and route the query to the best agent/department equipped to handle the call. This also enables agents to personalise their interactions, save time on searching for the correct account in the CRM/ticketing system, and reduce overall handling time.
  • Improve CX during peak call times – automatically call back customers who don’t have time to wait for an available agent.

Key features

Send any contact to specific agents or departments based on custom business rules, agent skills and proficiencies or application data. For example, specific calls can be routed to the best-skilled agent, an agent who speaks the same language as the customer, or to an agent who received a positive customer rating in a previous post-call survey.

Present the agent with relevant customer information (requires CRM or business application integration) leading to context-driven conversations and reduced handling time. Scripts can also assist with compliance, reducing agent training effort and ensuring consistency in messaging.

Gain insight into current and historical contact centre operations through the visibility provided by customisable reporting and dashboards. This will assist with long-term planning, balancing service and business objectives, and adapting to changes in-real time to influence variables and outcomes within the contact centre environment.

The agent toolbar simplifies the management of all customer interactions and tasks. The workspace area is also maximised, and controls are simple yet powerful.

Typical ROI

Screen pops

  • Eliminate the need for a customer identification/security check by introducing screen pops and save over 30 seconds (20-30%) in average handling time. At a cost of R10-R40 a minute, this will yield significant returns.
  • Even if an identification/security check does not need to be performed, a screen pop can save on average 10-15 seconds per call by automating the customer lookup on a CRM or ticketing system.

Intelligent routing of queries

  • Routing to the right department the first time can save an additional 15-20 seconds per call. From experience, we are able to correctly route contacts to the right departments 90% of the time. This means that 90% of customers do not require transfers, they generally have a better customer experience and the business also benefits from the cost savings resulting from the reduced handling time.
  • With intelligent routing, you are also able to add custom business rules. For example, a rule could be set up to always answer the most valuable client first, thus extracting the maximum business value from the interaction.


  • Increase your capacity (or reduce staff) by up to 50% – blend inbound and outbound calls as well as other channels and queues across agent skill groups to effectively adapt to volume changes and maximise resource utilisation.

ROI example

Identify and add priority routing to all customers who return a call emanating from an outbound debt collection campaign. Based on our experience with our customers, the resulting quick response time coupled with a personalised greeting has increased the collections by up to 80%