Remove the guesswork, inefficiency and lack of visibility associated with using corporate email clients or a CRM to manage your email communication with customers.
The Email Interaction module enables businesses to intelligently queue emails directly into the contact centre, measure response time and performance, and ultimately improve the quality of agent responses using templates, dynamic fields and predefined replies.
As a business this offers you complete control over how your customer email communication is managed – real-time and historical reporting and dashboards provide full visibility into individual agent performance, service levels, productivity, efficiency or even if emails have been answered or deleted.
Email interactions are also measured, managed and integrated with all other contact centre channels, eliminating communication silos and providing a holistic view of all customer interactions across multiple channels.


Boost productivity by up to 30%

  • Group mailbox emails are distributed instantly and automatically according to agent skills and defined business rules, rather than being manually read and distributed by employees
  • Visibility into metrics (such as handling time, after-call work time, response time, resolution time) help identify inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement
  • Providing accessible email templates and pre-defined responses that are static (general product or payment information etc.) and/or dynamic (customer-specific information) make it easy for agents to quickly respond to queries, resulting in a reduction in handling time and an increase in productivity
  • The ability to blend agents across channels (email, voice, chat, etc.) with similar skills and proficiencies increases productivity, economies of scale and drives all-round SLA improvements
  • The intelligent routing of emails enables businesses to direct queries to agents who are the best equipped to handle a specific query, effectively reducing handling time and the need to re-assign emails that are allocated poorly

Enhance customer service and CX

  • Intelligent routing of emails based on agent skills, customer criteria and/or defined business rules improves the likelihood of a speedy resolution and providing a great customer experience
  • Email templates and predefined responses (with strict version control) help to deliver consistent service – the information is always accurate, the messaging consistent, and the language use correct.
  • The Email Interaction module dramatically increases productivity and reduces handling time, freeing up agents to respond faster to customer service and sales requests, thereby improving CX and reducing the risk of SLA penalties.

Key features

Benefit from detailed real-time and historical reporting, stats and metrics such as:

  • Agent productive vs. non-productive time across all contact channels and campaigns
  • Interaction outcomes
  • Average handling time across agents, departments and queries
  • Volume of mails by status (unanswered, in progress, suspended, completed and deleted)
  • Service levels across campaigns

Configure business rules to route emails based on specific criteria (including but not limited to):

  • Agents with the best skills to handle certain queries (e.g. product knowledge, writing ability, language)
  • Previous customer ratings
  • Previous engagement with a specific agent if in the middle of completing a process or application
  • Specific customer criteria (e.g. VIP status, physical location)
  • Assign pre-defined identifiers to each email interaction to ensure the correct handling and, follow up
  • Create reports and dashboards based on email qualification
  • Ensure compliance by enforcing interaction qualification in the email handling process
  • Agents can access a customer’s interaction history across all contact channels
  • Agents can seamlessly switch between handling interactions across different channels (e.g. voice, email, chat, social media etc.)

Use dynamic and static templates and predefined responses to answer queries faster, more consistently, and with higher levels of accuracy.

  • Email responses can include rich graphic content and other multimedia
  • Include standard documents and multimedia as part of the configured templates
  • Include your company signature and maintain consistency across agents

How it works

The email module forms part of the INOVO contact centre solution where voice, email, chat or any other customer interaction is measured and presented to an agent in a very controlled, visible manner. Incorporating email is a simple process of configuring pre-built connectors to your POP SSL capable server or platform.