Get improved call quality at up to 30% less with INOVO VoIP!

Instantly Quantifiable Savings
Save up to 30% on your phone bills with our flexible and competitive VoIP call rates. Contact us, provide some basic information and we will tell you immediately how much you will save each month! Our pricing is also completely transparent – there is no surcharge beyond the fixed cost you pay for your Internet connection, access link and VoIP minutes.

Superior Quality and Reliability
We use the latest IP technology to provide high quality voice transmission services. Voice and data transfer is combined over the same line, providing an integrated package with a single point of accountability and service. We also provide advanced monitoring to proactively manage and maintain optimal service levels.

Quick Set up and Hassle-free
Make calls internally, within your business branches and to others – no infrastructure required! All you need is Internet connectivity and we manage the rest. No need to get a separate phone or PBX for your business; our VoIP service connects to most Private Branch Exchanges. We can also port all your existing land line numbers, ensuring a smooth transition to our service

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