The enhanced value we offer our clients comes in the form of our people – a collection of experienced industry specialists who understand contact centres and the business environment it supports.

Our collaborative approach sets us apart

01We work with you to understand needs, key business drivers and future strategies.

02Current and future opportunities are identified, aligned to a course of action and a particular benefit or ROI.

03Once implemented, we evaluate, measure and benchmark results – all with a view to continually implementing improvements as needs evolve and market conditions change.

Transform your customer experience


We work with our clients to help assess the biggest opportunities for improvement by:

  1. Consolidating, measuring and improving all contact channels
  2. Using customer interaction history, feedback and data to simplify and personalise the experience
  3. Improving the knowledge and performance of agents
  4. Using detailed analytics and process/workflow improvements to drive efficiencies

Reduce operational and service costs


If you’re a small business striving to increase service levels, efficiency and profitability without heavy software and infrastructure investment, or a large business with a complex set of requirements, costs are always a significant consideration.

By improving workforce efficiency, and examining everything from workflows, processes, and systems integration to reducing service costs via self-service options, we do what we can to boost your bottom line.

Increase revenue and close more deals


Convert more leads to customers. We work closely with our customers to improve lead management and automation as well as advise on inbound and outbound strategies, processes and workflows to increase sales.

Our products

Contact centre applications

Workforce optimisation

Self service

Business applications

  • Document Manager
  • Customer onboarding & data capturing
  • Custom business applications & integration

Business intelligence

  • Speech analytics
  • Post call surveys
  • Custom reporting/Dashboards
  • Advanced analytics

Process optimisation

  • CIM
  • Custom workflow


Why choose INOVO?


“While the technology of INOVO is truly world-class, the differentiator has been the way that the company has assisted us to solve our business problems. It is not only about software and services, but demonstrating a measurable return that has helped set INOVO apart”


“Operational costs have decreased by 15%. We expect further reductions over time”


“Since engaging with Vodacom and INOVO in 2014, we have found partners that are responsive, reliable, and fully committed to helping us reach our business objectives. I would have no hesitation in recommending them as a business solution and technology partner”


“Working with INOVO has helped us to offer better customer service and get the most out of our contact centre resources and staff. The results: higher customer satisfaction, major cost optimization and an increase in productivity”

Business Partners and Solutions


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