Supervisor interface

Empower supervisors and managers with all the right tools and insight needed to enhance the management of their contact centre operations.



Use a single application to manage day-to-day operations, view dashboards and access reports on relevant operational and business metrics. The supervisor application makes it easy for managers to:

  • Monitor the status of inbound and outbound services (calls, agents etc.) in real-time
  • Create and distribute reports
  • Manage outbound queues and records
  • Monitor schedules and invalid contacts
  • Enable and disable campaign loads
  • Send notices to agents
  • Schedule tasks and much more.

Leverage advanced reporting and dashboards

Improve decision-making

  • Access historical reports to identify trends, issues and opportunities to inform current and future strategies.
  • Report on and manage live operational metrics (e.g. the number of calls, call outcomes) or general business stats (e.g. the number of sales or number of collections).

Consolidate your view

  • Save time by combining data from more than one data source (e.g. SQL or Oracle) to create a single report.
  • Open multiple views/windows to multi-task and display relevant information simultaneously. These views can also be saved for retrieval later.

Easy to use

  • The supervisor interface is simple and intuitive, requiring no programming knowledge to use and configure.
  • Get up and running quickly with over 60 standard reporting templates available.

Automate manual tasks

  • Use automation functions such as scheduled reports to free up valuable resources, increase speed, accuracy, and compliance with legal and regulatory guidelines.

Maximise business agility

  • Use real-time statistics to proactively respond or adapt to problems in sales, debt collection or service delivery on the fly.

Powerful contact centre administration


Email management

Configure email addresses, linked mailboxes and email queues.

Supervisors also have the ability to view email history, and monitor queues.

Create, edit and publish templates/pre-defined responses across email, web chat and other digital campaigns.


Advanced campaign management

Efficiently manage outbound campaigns by setting up and configuring loads, queues and services from within the interface.

Configure and set up all call or interaction qualification codes and personalise these for specific campaigns.


Service level management and proactive monitoring

Configure alarms and warnings on call waiting time, available agents, service levels, emails in queue and much more.


Recording management

Ensure compliance and monitor agent performance: play back voice and screen recordings, configure recording plans, groups and profiles, and search and filter recordings based on an extensive list of available parameters.


Agent administration

Configure agent skills and proficiencies across all channels and campaigns.

Manage agent passwords and authentication: password control and authentication can be managed in Presence or externally through Active Directory.

Full agent status control and management. This includes configuration of work times, state monitoring, sending notices and much more.


Live agent assistance

Listen in, intervene or provide background assistance to agents while they are on calls, typing emails to customers, or via the agent-supervisor chat interface.


Customer data management

Manage customer data sources with search, create, delete and edit functionality.

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