Interaction recording

Record and view interactions across all contact centre channels to ensure compliance and improve agent performance.



INOVO offers interaction recording solutions from Enghouse Interactive and Verint that are unified with a broad ecosystem of supporting tools and solutions. Interaction recording remains an essential part of any contact centre environment, ensuring that all communication between businesses and customers are securely captured, indexed and retrievable from within a single, easy to use interface.

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Benefits and solutions

Enhance compliance and reduce liability

Quality management assists with FICA, general legal requirements, providing contractual evidence, proof of consent, and more.

Simple and easy to use

Immediately access all interactions recorded from a single platform. This reduces the time spent searching for specific customer interactions.

Enhance agent training and coaching

Review recorded interactions to identify opportunities for employee training and coaching.

Improve employee behaviour and efficiency

Knowing that an interaction is being recorded can reduce the likelihood of agents engaging in inappropriate conversations and calls.

Low total cost of ownership

The low infrastructure requirement to record interactions across all channels equates to a low TCO per interaction recording.

Rich analytics potential

Recording customer interactions provides a wealth of rich customer data that can be unlocked and interpreted through speech analytics. Chat to us to find out how we can help your business mine this rich resource and gain insights to drive tangible business improvements.

The foundation for quality control

Interaction recording, where QA agents can listen to calls or review text-based interactions, forms the basis for all quality control initiatives

Unparalleled reliability

Our interaction recording solution ensures that all recordings are always recorded and accessible at all times.

Key Features


Use a single application to record and view interactions across all channels

  • Record all interactions across voice, video, screens, email, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, social media, web forms and more.
  • Access recordings across all channels from a single, unified front-end. Agents are able to search per customer and retrieve interactions across all contact centre channels.

Open standards storage

  • The convenience of non-proprietary, open standards storage ensures you always have access to historical interaction data to enable processing by 3rd party services. This helps free your organisation from the costs, constraints, and complexity posed by using multiple proprietary systems.


Highly scalable

  • The virtualised, hosted environment in combination with Verint’s enterprise platform ensures that our recording environment is not only suited to any organisational size and maturity level, but also offers room to grow.


Automated interaction tagging

  • All interactions are tagged with relevant information (such as disposition codes) to facilitate the retrieval and categorisation of recordings. Multiple tags per interaction are also possible.

Advanced search functions

  • Search interactions based on data associated with the interaction, such as: handling time, disposition codes, captured customer information (even notes made by agents), organisational tags and more.

A future proof solution

  • Our architecture allows for the recording and storage of any existing or potential interaction channel entering the contact centre environment (including those on self-service channels). This can also be archived to any location.

Full, schedule-based or agent-controlled recording

  • We offer flexible voice recording options to comply with business or regulatory requirements.


Web accessible

  • Support remote working and securely access recordings from anywhere and at any time.

Regulatory compliance

  • Comply with international standards such as (but not limited to) POPI, GDPR, PCI-DSS. The Verint recording platform uses AES-256 with true end-to-end encryption to protects data as it’s recorded, moved to archive, or retrieved during replay. Other features include tamper detection and using digital signatures for legal evidence.


Part of a larger solution ecosystem

  • The interaction recording platform is part of the unified suite that includes workforce optimisation, performance management, quality management, speech analytics, identity authentication and fraud detection platforms. This means that data flows seamlessly between these modules to offer greater value to your business.


System monitoring and alarms

  • Built-in alarms and monitoring by our highly skilled technical team ensure that all recording issues are quickly identified and addressed.

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