Award-winning technology plays an integral role in solving business and contact centre related problems. However, business environments are complex and customer needs are continuously in flux – which means that great technology alone is not always enough to stay ahead.

The enhanced value we offer our clients comes in the form of our people – a collection of experienced industry specialists who understand contact centres and the business environment it supports. From project management, business intelligence, and technical excellence, to practical operational know-how, we have assembled a team designed to offer the kind of insight and expertise that continues to deliver real business value.

Beyond our core products and services, our team assists in the provision of a number of other key services  – all of which contribute to and drive contact centre and business improvements.


1. Project-based consulting: in addition to the day-to-day consulting and advice we offer our contracted clients, we can also focus on a project/set of projects in a specific area (e.g. workforce optimization, BI) to drive improvements.

2. Custom solution/application development

3. Implementation and integration

4. Comprehensive support

5. Contact centre staff systems training


We provide flexible commercial models (rentals, outright purchase etc.) to satisfy every budgetary requirement.

We offer contact centre solutions in two technical delivery models – hosted and on-site. While both options offer numerous benefits, the suitability and choice of delivery very much depends on your specific needs.

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