Post interaction surveys

Use regular customer feedback to gain insights and drive improvements.



One of the pivotal aspects of providing good customer service is providing customers with the opportunity for feedback and then using this information to improve and better understand your customers’ needs on a continuous basis. This is one of the many reasons why post-interaction surveys are such a popular method of allowing customers to provide feedback directly after an interaction with your business.

How it works

Post call surveys can be either inbound or outbound:


Benefits and solutions

Choose how and when to initiate surveys

Connect customers to post-call surveys directly after a call, in the IVR or dial them in.

Flexible survey design

Customise surveys and questions based on the customer, department or other business rules.


Obtain important information regarding your customer service and products without breaking the bank.

Gain valuable customer insight

Create or use advanced pre-built reports to easily represent and interpret customer survey responses.

We use best practice to help our clients extract the most value from their survey design and implementation. We can also assist with voice recordings and more.

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