Document Manager

Process customer applications better and faster through a centrally managed contact centre application.



Document Manager provides a simple and elegant solution to the challenges typically associated with processing customer documentation across new applications, customer service and many other business channels. By enabling contact centre agents to receive and process documents from multiple channels via an easy to use interface, features such as document tagging, archiving, process management and reporting ensure that customer applications are processed quicker and at a reduced cost to your business.


How it works



Enhance the customer experience

  • Use insights gained from advanced reporting to identify process inefficiencies and drive CX improvements.
  • A fast and efficient onboarding or application process makes it easier for customers to do business with you and sets the right tone at the beginning of the relationship.
  • Agents are also able to provide immediate “on the call” information to customers regarding the current status of an application or if outstanding documentation is still required.

Reduce time to activation and time to money

  • Customer documents are presented to agents in an easy to manage platform to eliminate duplicate work and the time taken to aggregate and search for supporting documents.
  • Business rules that manage application queues and associated sources/channels are automated to speed up processing.
  • Workflows are created to queue tasks to agents for classification and automatic processing.

Key Features


Consolidated view of all documents per customer from any channel

  • All document sources are integrated via email, fax-to-email or API to the Document Manager solution and managed via a single application.
  • These sources may carry metadata (structured) that enables automatic tagging and classification or they can be manually classified by an agent and assigned to a customer.
  • Customers and documents are searchable via the user-friendly interface, providing an extensive view of all documents received (active and inactive) as well as the status of each step within a process.

Full contact centre integration

  • This ensures that all documents that require processing are queued to the appropriate agents, and measured just like any other contact centre interaction (e.g. average handling times per mailbox or queue).
  • Any function currently being used in your contact centre to support other channels (voice, emails, webchat etc.) are available to agents processing documents through the solution (e.g. pre-defined responses to quicken the response time and improve quality of service).

A central customer database

  • We integrate the Document Manager solution with external business data to enable seamless searching of client records, with all documents tagged.


Utilise real-time dashboards to manage agent performance

  • Performance and productivity data can be displayed on dashboards in real-time and viewed in detailed reports.
  • Use reports to identify agent training opportunities.

Manage document processing efficiency

  • All tasks are queued and processing time measured.
  • All agent activity is tracked and reported on. Should an agent spend an amount of time idle on the system, the agent will be logged out and all open tasks that have not been processed will be automatically re-assigned to the queue to ensure that these are processed timeously.
  • The solution provides full queue creation and administration rights, and the ability to configure outbound templates for the sending of email replies when processing a document.

Built in workflow

  • A list of required documents can be specified per queue. This helps the agent track any missing information when working a queue that requires supporting documentation (bank statements, ID etc.) before it can be processed.
  • Specify follow up actions that are automatically assigned to agents.
  • Set up custom routing rules in real-time.
  • Processing agents also have the ability to split documents from their work list for manual and automatic assignment to other queues (e.g. unallocated client entity, fraud etc).

Automate spam and other mailbox rules

  • Filter spam and other non-customer related emails thus increasing agent productivity.


Permissions and roles

  • Easily manage permission structures to limit access to sensitive information

Calculating ROI

Contact us to discuss the specific return expected within your business. In our experience the Document Manager solution can increase the productivity of agents who handle and process documents by up to 60%.

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